Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Burger Joint (formerly Chesapeake Bagel Bakery)

Off of the busy Old Keene Mill Road/Rolling Road intersection. Now it's the Burger Joint (a "BGR" in an oval), but back in the Nineties and into the new millennium it was the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery and one of our favorite family haunts when the kids were growing up. I was heartbroken when they went out of business. The bagels were always fresh; it was a place that, in my wife's phrase, "Did not profane the bagel."

I think we started going there in 1991; I remember one lunch there with the kids when the opened the Virginia Express light rail in 1992 and were giving away free promotional rides, and I'm sure we were dining there before that, so let's say 1991.

For a time, before it closed shop, they used to have framed prints of Civil War battles on the walls - what I call LHAPS (Limited Edition Historical Art Prints). They tried to sell them from here - I don't think that was a successful business venture.  

Purple paint, oversized reproductions of 1970's and 1980's rock album covers on the walls, mosaic pop art on the tables, light fixtures made of hardware parts... it's all very trendy. And truth be told, the burgers here are quite good. But I miss the 1990's dark green and oak look of the CBB. 

Me, Cari and the kids used to sit against the wall (there used to be mirrors) against that low wooden wall on the left - that was our table of choice.  

Ah - the days when we were raising our kids and were a family of five... happy, purposeful days...

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