Sunday, October 5, 2014

Springfield Tower

If you've ever driven through Springfield on I-95 (the daily average, according to VDOT, is 430,000 cars), you've seen this place. You can't miss it! It's a fourteen story skyscraper. Well, okay, as much as a skyscraper as downtown Springfield can boast, anyway. It's called, perhaps inevitably, the Springfield Tower. It was built in 1972.

As recently as April 2014 Bob the Barber had his business here on the seventh floor - weird place for a barbershop, no?  And I see that there was once a Hard Times Cafe on the eighth floor. But in October 2014, when I took these photos, I saw no evidence of that. Doing a google search on the address, I see that various other businesses were also located here. Once.

Here's the face that I-95 sees - it often has a big advertising banner affixed thereto:


Let's start with the description on a web site:


    Excellent location - 495/95 interchange
    Entire floor available
    Prominent building in Fairfax County
    Floor to ceiling windows
    Full service leases
    Less than a mile from Springfield Metro


Subject property is a tall, glass structure located prominently at the interchange of I-495 and I-95 in Spingfield, Virginia. Standing 14 stories tall, the Springfield Tower is one of the most visable (sp) landmarks in Fairfax County. Property has floor to ceiling windows, and a two-level parking deck. Leases are full service.

The Springfield Tower is located at the intersection of the Capital Beltway (495) and 95/395, one of the most accessible submarkets in metro DC. The Springfield Metro stop is less than a mile away and the property is surrounded by retail, office, and hotels.

...and blight, police tape, parked trucks and crumbling concrete. Take a look:

Above: I'm guessing that, once upon a time, some bank had a branch location here, and this was where the drive through section was. Now some unknown entity parks industrial trucks there

Above: This is what you see when you park in front of the building. Those steel stanchions look like they are partially holding up the deck!

Above: And here's the front entrance. That makes an unforgettably impressive look for corporate customers and clients, huh?

  Above: Another view. More trucks. My guess is that the owner primarily makes money from this real estate by renting space to cell phone company and other entities needing a high platform. Are there any tenants in this eyesore? I'm guessing not.

Note that the "d" in "dr." is lower case here but upper case in the view at the top. Nice touch. At least they spelled "Augusta" correctly.

Above: Plan to drive up that ramp? I don't think so. With the stanchions in front in mind, you and your car might just end up in a pile of concrete. 

Above: There's a Bob Evans restaurant next to this building, and this is definitely the Tower's most presentable face. Once again, more cell relay and antenna equipment. Those are the real tenants.

Sheesh. What a wreck! Didn't I last see a building like this in Detroit - or an episode of The Simpsons?

Stay classy, downtown Springfield...


  1. I am surprised there is no mention of the guy who was on an upper floor and was randomly shoot by someone on the outside. I believe it occured just prior to the turn of the century.

    1. I can't find anything about this in a search of google or the Washington Post database.

  2. Back in the day kids called this the SST Building...Springfield Sore Thumb.

  3. Today the kids call it "Bando" as in abandoned!

  4. This building is not abandoned and is now being renovated after the areas unsupervised children broke in a destroyed every floor except 12..

    1. You have an oddly specific amount of knowledge about that, lol. Why would they spare floor 12? What sort of secrets are hidden away on that floor?

  5. As of January 2021 they fixed up a lot of the crumbling exterior parts. I havent been inside but there is a lobby and unless the sign is horribly out of date, there are a few businesses still operating out of the building. There are for lease signs all over it.

    1. I guess I'll have to swing by and look some day!

    2. Actually I now know the sign is indeed horribly out of date. Interesting weird building though.