Monday, November 10, 2014

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is my favorite grocery store. Why? Because it makes me think of the beach stores one goes to when on vacation... so when I'm in Joe's I feel like I'm on vacation picking up a few fun items, not in the workaday world doing dreary food shopping.

That plus it looks so un-corporate. 

I also appreciate the lengths they go to with interior decoration. The following photographs describe what I mean...

Springfield! Flying the colors proudly!

I believe that's supposed to be Lake Accotink!

My favorite sign in the store: Springfield is at the 6 o'clock point on the Washington Beltway, where 95, 495 and 395 meet.

Each cashier station has the name of a prominent street in town.  Backlick, Amherst...

..and, of course, Old Keene Mill Road.

Hahahaha! That loopy road depiction is the Springfield Interchange - the other places are about 13 miles north up I-395. 

The Orange and Alexandria railroad trestle is at Lake Accotink; another street sign. 

A commendable show of support for the local schools. (My kids went to Lee, at left. Go Lancers!) 

The carousel at Lake Accotink, I think.

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