Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Gambrill Park and Ride Lot

Whhhhaaat? Featuring a commuter lot as a Springfield Thing? Why? Well - because it's a half mile away from where I live and serves as the link to the bus and Metro rail train which takes me to work and brings me home each day. I drive to the lot, then take a bus, then take a train. I get a lot of reading done this way.

Also, I once attempted to teach my kids how to drive a standard transmission car in the big parking lot when it was empty on various Sundays. And gave up. 

See those aluminum benches in the covered shelter? I wait there for the bus reading a book for about fifteen minutes each workday. Doing the math... that's about four hours a month. 48 hours a year. Since I have about eight years until retirement as of this writing, that's 384 hours, or 32 days - over a month - sitting there reading books in all temperatures and all weather conditions.

And this doesn't count how many days I've spent there since this thing opened ten years or so ago.

It's rather depressing, really.

Anyway, I have spent and will spend a lot of time here.

Look at all those stickers on the light pole. Who put them there?

Summer, 2009: The commuter lot in the background. Twenty second exposure; my name written with a small flashlight. I like the way the lights from the street lamps beam out in rays. I also like the way you can see my characteristic nose... Also note cars going by at right - you can see the lights but not the cars.


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