Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bozzelli's Deli

I love this place! It's one of my favorite places to eat in town. Bozzelli's Deli is one of those good, old-fashioned family businesses. There are actually people working here named Bozzelli! Mama Bozzelli, for instance, who holds forth in Mama Bozzelli's Kitchen every now and then, sharing recipes and preparation ideas. I've been in the place when she does - it gets crowded.

Above: Mama Bozelli's Cooking Class set up.

Bozzelli's got its start in nearby Lorton... but perhaps the "history" section on their website says it best:

Bozzelli's Italian Deli was located in what was originally "The Old Pohick Inn" along Route 1. Yep, a lot of you may remember the place. (Begin reminiscing now.)

The "Real Italian Guy" in the picture is Lou Bozzelli of Apulia, Italy;  photographed shortly after starting in the restaurant biz at the age of 12.  The Bozzelli family has been making great subs in the Metro area (yes, that´s how the Metro sub got its name) since the late 1970´s.  We added hand tossed pizza to the menu because of a rent hike in 2003 and started cooking classes in 2008 when our mom got the idea from watching cable one night.  Mama Bozzelli´s best advice on cooking is as follows, "You only need to measure when baking a cake."

How's the food here? GREAT. I like everything I've tried. What I normally order most often is the steak and cheese sandwich. The meat is to die for. Sure - it costs more than at Subway or Jerry's, but if there's one thing I've learned in life it's that you get what you pay for.

Above: He's a Real Italian Guy!

Above: The interior is fun: lots of Italian stuff around to look at...
Above: I've wanted this Italian Columbia Records poster ever since I first laid eyes on it. "For sale in installments - Free catalog."
Above: They sell some interesting bottled sodas, Italian goods and beers in the front, where you order.
Above: They are - guaranteed!
Above: One of the things I find endearing about the place is the unprofessional (but earnest) artwork and the breathless boosterism. Do I care that they don't have a gluten free oven? No. I'm fortunate that way.
Above: Cannoli is a sore point with my wife. Ever since a relative made some for her absolutely fresh when she was a girl, nobody else's measures up. Nobody's. If it's not fresh she doesn't want it. Sorry, Bozzelli's. 
I've been going to Bozzelli's for about four or five years, now. And will until we leave Springfield!

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